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Strive to transform public health with predictive analysis, precise diagnosis-prevention, and personalized treatment

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Personalized antidepressant therapy prediction system by DigiBiomics. Enhances treatment outcomes through advanced algorithms.


DigiBiomics pioneers PulmoDeep: AI tool for early lung disease detection through deep learning.


Predicting metastasis in H&NSCC: Early risk identification, personalized treatment, improved outcomes.


Mapping oncogenic pathways for targeted treatments, enhancing understanding of disease progression and therapeutic targets.


Deep learning identifies tumor variations, advancing oncology with precision insights.

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Proactive Health

We're using AI to enhance personalized disease diagnosis and clinical management. Our goal: create a specialized platform for early detection and warning by integrating personal, socioeconomic, geographical, genetic, and well-being data, aiming to improve early, accurate disease detection and offer tailored preventive measures.

Personalized Medicine

We utilize an individual's unique biology and all available clinical data throughout the patient's medical journey to provide tailored treatment recommendations. Innovations in precision medicine, such as our approach, help to decrease costs, minimize adverse drug reactions, and improve the effectiveness of drugs.

Faster Drug Discovery

In our AI-driven drug discovery platform, we screen vast chemical libraries to identify compounds tailored for specific diseases, prioritizing those with specific binding and targeting capabilities. Novel molecular designs are experimentally validated, expediting the development of targeted treatments.

AI for Public Health

We are leveraging AI to enhance efficiency and preemptively detect and address future outbreaks. Our current focus lies in establishing a platform tailored for the early detection and warning of Water- and Vector-borne Disease Outbreaks. This will help mitigate climate-impacted disease outbreaks globally.

Empowering healthcare with AI-driven unparalleled precision

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Harnessing AI and ML to address health, agriculture, and climate challenges for a sustainable future.

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Drive transformative change with AI and ML in health, agriculture, and climate resilience for a healthier planet.

Our Vision

Pioneer data-driven advancements in diagnostics, problem-solving, and public health for a sustainable future.

“AI predicts diseases, transforming healthcare.”
- Geoffrey Hinton.

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DigiBiomics specializes in various areas of healthcare, including mental health, oncology, lung infections, drug discovery, and building large-scale medical data repositories.

DigiBiomics employs cutting-edge AI and ML technologies to analyze medical data, enabling precise diagnoses and data-driven insights across different healthcare domains. This will help medical professionals to diagnose early and provide a precise treatment plan. We employ rigorous validation processes and continuously refine its algorithms to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its predictive models, backed by evidence-based precision diagnoses.

DigiBiomics stands out by leveraging diagnostic and epidemiology data to create informative and predictive models, augmented with Data Automation and Augmented Analytics for enhanced accuracy and patient monitoring. Organizations have highly qualified dedicated SMEs for research and development.

DigiBiomics empowers healthcare practitioners with data-driven insights and intelligent automation, leading to more efficient diagnoses, treatment plans, and patient monitoring, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

DigiBiomics targets various sectors within the healthcare industry, including medical research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, government organizations, insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare providers.

We actively encourage and promote synergistic collaboration to drive forward advancements in healthcare technology and improve patient care outcomes. Organizations interested in collaborating with DigiBiomics for innovation or business ventures can reach out through contact page, writing an email or linkedIn page to explore potential partnerships, joint research projects, or business opportunities aimed at leveraging AI-driven healthcare solutions for community benefit and innovation in the healthcare sector.

Our Experts

Dr. Christoph Licht

MD, FRCP(C), FASN, University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Hartmut Grasemann

MD, PhD , Professor, Department of Paediatrics The Hospital for Sick Children University of Toronto, Toronto Canada

Dr. Cecil Robert Pace-Asciak

MSc, PhD - Senior Scientist Emeritus - University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Muzafar Ahmad Macha

M.Sc., Ph.D. Scientist-D and Ramalingaswami Re-Entry Fellow Assistant Professor and Head Watson-Crick Center for Molecular Medicine Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST)

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