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DigiBiomics® Harness The Power Of AI And ML To Tackle Three Crucial Domains That Are Of Utmost Importance To Humanity Today: Health, Agriculture, And Climate Change

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Our Mission

Our mission is to drive innovation in healthcare by providing data-driven actionable insights for early diagnosis, precise treatment, and community well-being. With a focus on mental health, lung anomalies, and cancer care, and the establishment of a comprehensive big data bank, we conduct targeted research to enhance clinical practices worldwide.

Our Vision

In the era of data-driven healthcare, we harness computational power and advanced technologies such as big data analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize all facets of healthcare, from diagnostics to precise treatment. Our commitment is to reshape clinical practices and elevate patient outcomes on a global scale.


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Our Team

Meraj A. Khan, PhD

Founder & CEO

Mohammad Firoz Khan, PhD

Director of Research Operations

Zahida Haleem

Co-Founder and Database Engineer

Kaisar Parvez

Chief Growth Officer

Sunny Kumar


Javed Akhtar, PhD


Dr. Javed Alam

Senior Scietist - Ph.D. (Artificial Intelligence), MRSS, MRSC

Monica Elena Zamfir

Project Manager

Our Experts

Dr. Christoph Licht

MD, FRCP(C), FASN, University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Hartmut Grasemann

MD, PhD , Professor, Department of Paediatrics The Hospital for Sick Children University of Toronto, Toronto Canada

Dr. Cecil Robert Pace-Asciak

MSc, PhD - Senior Scientist Emeritus - University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Muzafar Ahmad Macha

M.Sc., Ph.D. Scientist-D and Ramalingaswami Re-Entry Fellow Assistant Professor and Head Watson-Crick Center for Molecular Medicine Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST)


M.C.A., Ph.D. Sr. Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science Islamic University of Science & Technology Kashmir

Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Bhat

M.Sc., Ph.D. Senior Scientist Department of Genetics Sidra Medicine, Doha, Qatar

Dr. Nades Palaniyar

MSc, PhD-The Hospital for Sick Children University of Toronto, Toronto Canada

Dr. Sunil Kumar

MBBS, MD, & PhD (General Medicine)

Dr. Assif Assad

M.C.A., Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Islamic University of Science & Technology Kashmir

Dr. Siraj Sabihuddin

M.Sc., Ph.D - Automation and IoT Systems

Sourav Meena

Manager Data Science | IIM CALCUTTA

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